Tying a Fly Called Sunray Shadow Variant

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Today we will be tying the tubefly Sunray Shadow by Raymond Brooks. Raymond designed the first Sunray Shadow fly and the fly we are tying is a variation of it.

Originally the fly was designed in Norway around a river that Raymond had for rent and he even applied for a patent of the fly! That’s perhaps the reason why there are so many variations of the fly today.

The fly is relatively easy to tie and if you are going to fish for Atlantic Salmon (e. Salmo Salar) this is one of the must-have flies to take with you!


Author: Raymond Brooks.
Tube: ½ inch and up to 2 inches of plastic or aluminum.
Thread: 8/0 black.
Body: Leave the body just naked.
Hackle: Yellow rooster.
Wing: Black Cashmere goat + 2-3 strand of peacock herl + 2 strands of pearl crystal tinsel.
Head: Black with a UV resin finish.