Tying A Fly Called SAR

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Here we will be tying the unknown fly SAR by my mentor, Jón Sigurðsson. The fly is a great option for both stream and lake fishing especially when you are looking for fish in the springtime when the water is still a little bit coloured. Mainly the fly will catch seatrout and brown trout and the name of it SAR, stands for “search and rescue” and for a really good reason.

I don’t know how often this fly has saved my ass from being skunked in the springtime fishing here in Iceland. The fly literally finds fish and saves your day that way. This pattern has never been published before so we are speaking about a new Icelandic pattern that had already proofed it in the lakes and streams here.

The fly is a MUST have in your box for springtime fishing. 1000% recommended by myself.


Author: Jón Sigurðsson.
Hook: Ahrex NS118 #6
Thread: UNI 8/0 black + SSS Frödin Fluorescent orange 8/0.
Tail: 50/50 black and red goose shoulder feather.
Body: ⅓ orange backing line, ⅓ fluorescent orange chenille, ⅓ SSS Frödin Octopuzzy dub.
Wing: Red squirrel.
Hackle: Red rooster.
Head: Black bead with SSS Fluorescent orange thread behind it.