Tying a Fly Called Sægreifinn

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Here we’ll be tying the fly Sægreifi or the Sea count by my mentor Jón Sigurðsson. The fly is a great option for both stream and lake fishing and catches both brown, and sea-run trout.

Simple to tie and totally worth keeping a few in your box when go fishing. The Sægreifi fly is around 10 years old and was first published in the Veiðimaðurinn magazine in 2011.

The fly is remarkably strong when it comes to fish sea-run trout and it can be tied with both smolt blue, green, and even white body. Jón tied this fly in these colors and it worked perfectly but he told me personally that the smolt blue fished the best of them.

Sægreifinn isn’t that complicated to tie but the wing might be tricky for people who aren’t familiar with the matuka method. The matuka wing was a method that Jón used a lot! The Sægreifinn fly is indeed worth to tie and try next season for you guys. I’d love to hear from the audience how it works for you around the globe.


Hook: Ahrex NS118 #8
Thread: UNI 8/0 black.
Rib: UNI silver wire.
Tail: Grey short marabou.
Body: Veevus Iris – smolt blue.
Wing: Jungle cock feather or similar.
Head: Black.
Eyes: White with black eyeball painted on.