Tying a Fly Called Peter Ross

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Here we will be tying the fly Peter Ross but the pattern comes originally from Scotland like many great wet fly patterns. The fly is a great option for both stream and stillwater fishing and the fly catches both brown trout and arctic char.

Simple to tie and totally worth keeping a few in your box when going fishing since it’s a really good fly. No wonder that it’s a classic pattern and has been around for a long time.


Author: ?
Hook: 10 – 16 regular wet fly hook.
Thread: 8/0 black.
Tail: Golden pheasant.
Rib: Oval silver.
Body: ½ Flat silver tinsel & ½ red wool or aurora yarn, or dub.
Hackle/beard: Black rooster.
Wing: Mallard teal feather.
Head: Black.