Tying a Fly Called Munro Killer

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

It’s just about Salmon Saturday and today we’ll be tying the famous salmon fly Munro Killer. Great mid and late summer salmon pattern that works great for the Atlantic wild salmon here in Iceland. The Munro Killer is a fly that’s famous as well for bluffing the big ones to take it.

Up here we have many 100cm fishes that took the fly and it’s gonna remain like that. Hope you guys enjoy the YouTube channel and if you have any suggestions just drop me an email to flugusmidjan@gmail.com

We’ll be uploading at least 2 new videos every week until the season starts here in Iceland. Tight lines and be vice by the vise. All footage in 4K and we have a LOT of stuff coming in soon. Stay tuned. ?????????

Here we will be tying the Munro Killer. The fly is a great option for mid and late summer fishing for Salmon. The fly seems to work everywhere you can find the north Atlantic Salmon and has caught many large salmons here in Iceland. Some people say that the Munro Killer is a variation of the Thunder and Lightning fly.


Hook: Ahrex HR424 nr. 8
Thread: UNI 8/0 black.
Butt: UNI oval gold.
Body: UNI black floss.
Rib: UNI oval gold.
Beard: ½ orange rooster, ½ Guinea fowl blue.
Wing: ½ Yellow bucktail, ½ black bucktail.
Head: Black.