Tying a Fly Called Metallica

Mr. Pétur Steingrímsson

Metallica is great rock band! But Metallica is also a fly that was made by an Icelandic angler and fly tier Mr. Pétur Steingrímsson. Like most of Pétur’s flies, Metallica is has been a really popular choice of anglers simply because the fly is outstanding for fishing salmon here in Iceland. Metallica is now viral and has gone popular like the band, in many countries. Metallica has also caught me a sea-run trout. I got in contact with Pétur himself a few months ago and we did fly swapping – 10 for 10. It was truly an honour for me to get flies from him. Tight lines!


Author: Pétur Steingrímsson.
Hook: Ahrex H428 #8
Thread: UNI 8/0 black.
Tag: UNI oval silver.
Tail: Black squirrel.
Butt: Green globrite.
Rib: UNI oval silver.
Body: UNI Mylar silver.
Wing: Black squirrel + 2 silver crystal flash.
Collar: Black cock + wine red purple fibres from a rooster feather.
Head: ½ Black, ½ Flour green globrite.

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