Tying A Fly Called Hare’s Ear

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Here we will be tying the world-famous fly Hare’s Ear. There are countless variations of this excellent fly. In this video, I’ll tie the version I’ve had the most success with fishing here in Iceland. The Hare’s Ear is a great option for both stream and lake fishing and the fly catches both brown trout and arctic char. This version of the Hare’s Ear is simple to tie and totally worth keeping a few in your box when go fishing. You can also try to use a different kind of dubbing in the thorax, something like pinkish or even lime green. It comes out very cool and the fishes are attracted to it!

Fly Pattern

Pattern Author: Unknown.

Hook: Ahrex FW560 #12.
Thread: SSS Frödin 8/0 camel brown.
Tail: Pheasant tail.
Rib: UNI Oval gold.
Body: Hare’s fur from a hare mask dubbed on.
Thorax: Same as body.
Back: Same feather as the tail – see in the video.
Head: Black.

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