Tying a Fly Called Grábjört Nymph

Tying a Grábjört

Here we will be tying the fly Grábjört from the personal collection of my mentor, Jón Sigurðsson. Jón was a mastermind when it comes to tying and designing flies, one of Iceland’s best fly tier and designer.

He had a vast collection of flies that can be found in some books about Icelandic fly tying. However, Grábjört is a great option for both stream and lake fishing. It’s simple to tie and it catches both brown trout and arctic char.

Fully recommended by myself and my 30 years of experience in fly fishing.

Pattern Author: Jón Sigurðsson.
Hook: Ahrex traditional nymph no. 10.
Thread: UNI 8/0 black.
Body: ½ black wool ½ stone grey wool, mixed together and dubbed on.
Wing: Grey feather of a mallard duck.
Head: Black.