Tying a Fly Called Dimmblá

Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

So here we have Dimmblá, an all Icelandic salmon pattern by Þórður from Húsavík. He designed many beautiful patterns and they are still being used in Iceland and some other countries. The Dimmblá name means basically dark blue. It’s an excellent midsummer pattern and even for low water conditions.

Here we will be tying the fly Dimmblá, but Dimmblá is designed by Þórður Péturson and belongs to his collection of greatly successful salmon patterns.

The fly is a great option for the Atlantic Salmon and Dimmblá has become one of Iceland’s best-designed salmon flies of all time. It’s a fancy fly in many ways but simple enough to tie and totally worth it to keep a few in your box when chasing the wild Atlantic Salmon.

Fly Pattern

Author: Þórður Péturson.
Hook: 6 – 18 single, double- or treble salmon hook.
Thread: UNI 8/0 black.
Butt: ½ oval silver + ½ Uni Royal blue floss.
Tail: Blue rooster.
Small hackle: Black ostrich.
Rib: Oval silver. Body:
Flat silver.
Beard: Same as tail.
Wing: Black squirrel.
Head: Black.