Tying a Fly Called Black Brahan

Black Brahan Fly Tying Tutorial From Ívar’s Fly Workshop

Here we will be tying the classic salmon fly Black Brahan by John McKenzie. The fly is originally from Scotland but works great anywhere you fish for the Atlantic Salmon (L. Salmi Salar).

The fly is a great option for river fishing and is one of the good flies when it comes into the fall time. The fly had worked well here in Iceland and it is relatively simple to tie and totally worth keeping a few in your box when go fishing.


Author: John McKenzie.
Hook: 6 – 16 single, double- or treble hook.
Thread: 8/0 black.
Butt: Oval silver.
Tail: Black squirrel.
Body: Red holo tinsel.
Beard/Hackle: Black rooster.
Wing: Black squirrel.
Head. Black.