Trout Feeding Underwater Video

Large rainbow trout feeds on caddis larva, mayfly nymphs, and snails in the underwater video shot in a spring-fed backwater in Montana.

Fly Fishing Waters Video

Underwater footage of a large rainbow trout feeding on aquatic insects, larva, and snails. In the spot I call “Rainbow Pool”, the predator rainbow trout never eats insects on the surface; instead, he hunts the bottom for small fry, caddis larva, mayfly nymphs, and snails.

I’ve noted brook trout and brown trout sipping insects from the surface in the current to the right of the frame. But never the big rainbow trout. He patrols the waters and eats often.

This video is best watched on a big screen, like a TV. Consider watching this on a large screen TV to see all the insects in the lower portion of the screen – and with volume up. It’s a nice piece of music from Epidemic Sound. **And please, please, please subscribe to our YouTube channel!!**