Solstice Sippers 2021 Video

Underwater – Trout Feeding on Snow Midges

In late November it starts. Dimples and rings in the slow side-channels of the creek.
Not splashy rises, no fins or noses, the Solstice Sippers leave delicate rings as proof of their existence.
It’s hard to imagine the trout can so clearly see their tiny prey – the snow midges are a tasty treat.
With shortened days, the Solstice Sippers are on the hunt.

Who are the Solstice Sippers you might ask? They are an army of adolescent trout who feed ceaselessly on delicate midges when days are the shortest.
Notice any open water that moves slowly or not at all and you’ll see them. Tiny rings. Proof of life in the cold waters.

If you follow my work, and I hope you do, you’ll notice I have a passion for this underwater world. I’ve filmed underwater in some of the most productive trout waters of the West.
I’ve found that some of the harder fish to film are the smallest. Instinct tells the smaller to beware of all danger, including my cameras, while the larger ones often flirt with the lens.

It’s crazy to me these fish can see such a tiny insect that’s barely visible to the human eye and yet, that can’t seem to see my size 14 beadhead flashback pheasant tail nymph when I drift it past their noses. What gives?
So here’s to the Solstice Sippers. May you grow to be the trophy trout we dream of.