Brook Trout Mug, “Rainbow on a Brook Trout” – 15 oz Ceramic Mug


A Rainbow Appears on a Brook Trout as Refracting Sunlight Paints The Trout on a Ceramic Mug.


An underwater scene of a Brook Trout swimming in a mountain lake with a refractions on an 15 oz coffee mug. The image is an original photo by underwater photographer Lisa Savard. Follow her works on social media, on her YouTube channel, and online at Fly Fishing Waters. The perfect gift for the avid angler, fly fishing enthusiast, or rainbow trout lover.

“Rainbow on a Brook Trout” is an underwater photograph of a large male Brook Trout in a mountain lake with sunlight refracting on his body and creating a “rainbow” on the brook trout. The photo shows the beautifully colored clear mountain lake with brook trout swimming.

  • 15 oz coffee mug
  • Drink confidently on a daily basis as all mugs are lead and BPA-free.

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