Trout Underwater

Our Favorite Underwater Photos From Spring 2020

Photographing Trout Underwater

Rainbow trout and cutthroat trout spawn in late May through early June in Montana, depending on location and elevation. For much of these photos, we filmed near or at Georgetown Lake, Browns Lake, and Upper Rock Creek.

We learned a lot about spawning trout.

They do not care about anything but spawning.

We would slide our cameras into the streambed and quickly retreat thinking it will be a bit before any trout position themselves in front of the camera. WRONG. As soon as the danger disappears (us setting the cameras) they quickly return to their life and death mission.

The Urge to Spawn is Strong

In Browns Lake, the rainbows are really big. And their urge to spawn is strong. However, the lack of a dependable inflow to the lake makes the efforts the rainbows make, useless.

In Georgetown Lake, there are several small tributaries which are ideal for spawning. Further, there are springs along the northeast shore that create enough water circulation, when combined with wave action, to grown and hatch the eggs.

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