Nymphing in November 30 Day Challenge

There’s nothing like a challenge to bring your focus on what matters. Fly fishing.

Fish It, Tie It, Photograph It

We realize that fishing season may be closed in your state. That would be a damn shame. No worries, tie up some nymphs for the coming fly fishing season, and show us your flies!

Or go underwater and flip some rocks. Photograph or video the aquatic insects from your home waters and share on our Facebook page.

Hashtag It

Be sure to add the hashtag #NymphingInNovember

Fishing on the Brain But No Time

If you can’t do something ‘nymphy’ in November, show us your pix of past fishing trips or the flies you’ve tied.

Covid Sucks

Covid sucks. This winter may prove long and dark.

Make a plan to get out and fish or expand your passion by fly tying and learning more about the bugs that make up a fish’s diet.