Become a Fly Fishing Waters Contributor

Passionate about the waters you fish? Want to share your stories – photos – videos with fellow anglers? We welcome you to join us at Fly Fishing Waters.

First off, we need to tell you your contributions to the site offer no compensation. While we can’t currently offer monetary compensation for contributor articles, photo, or videos at this time, contributors will get all the benefits of having their content read and viewed by avid anglers.

All new submissions are included in our bi-weekly emails which are sent to subscribers on Saturdays. New articles also appear in social media posts and are featured on the home page.

Further, for approved submitted content, we will link to your website, store, email, social media accounts, or blog.

Author Profile and Bio

Contributors to the site are featured below each contribution with an author box. Here you can add a photo, a bio, an email address, and links to social media accounts. Here’s an example:

How to become a fly fishing travel writer for Fly Fishing Waters online Blog

Digital Content Producer

Our site is comprised of fly fishing destination articles, articles on lesser-known fisheries, and things to do (other than fishing) that are close to fishing destinations.

For destination articles, we require 1800 to 3000 words that follow a template. In addition to text, we require 10 to 30 photographs to illustrate your post. We can help with photo editing and sizing. A video is helpful but not necessary.


If you have a passion for fly fiishing photography, share your photos as a photo essay of a river or body of water. We will feature your photos in our Fly Fishing Photos section.

Once a page has been created in the fly fishing photos section of the site, the page will be included as a link in the next email to our subscribers.

Complete your bio and add links to your social media accounts, blog, and/or website.


Obsessed with creating cool videos? We love fly fishing videos! If you are a videographer with videos on Vimeo or YouTube, we will create space and feature them on the site.

Once a page has been created in the fly fishing videos section of the site, the page will be included as a link in the next email to our subscribers.

Create an author bio and link your channel!


Become a Fly Fishing Writer and Blogger

Writing about fly fishing in our RV

Beyond fly fishing destinations, we blog about any related to fly fishing travel. Blog posts range in size from 300 to 1000 words and feature no less than 6 photos, or 1 video, or a combo.

Bloggers and writers can create an author bio with links as described above.

Destination Marketing Organizations

Chambers and Destination Marketing Groups in cool places, here’s a opportunity to expand your reach! For all of our fly fishing destinations, we add articles on other things to do in the area. Write for us and promote your area attractions.

We require 300 – 1000 words as well as at least 6 photos, and if you have any, videos help too. We can help with editing. Let’s work together!

Outfitters, Guides, and Lodges

The perfect writers, photographers, and videographers are the folks who work on the rivers or waterways every day. But clearly, these folks are the busiest people going. We get that.

If you are a guide, outfitter, or lodge who would like to contribute to the site and promote your operation, we’d love to have you!

If you’d like to be featured, but cannot find the time to contribute, invite us to fish with you and we will write the story of your fly fishing waters.