The Fish Creeper

How it began

Dressed from head to toe in my hunting camo, I lay on the bank of a small stream and waited. I had just slithered over the bank and belly-crawled to the spot. I needed to catch my breath and collect myself before sliding the cameras into the water. 

The day was overcast and dark. I hoped this would work to my advantage. Less than three feet away, a pair of brown trout were trying to spawn but were constantly interrupted by intruding males hoping to spawn with the female while smaller brook trout waited to eat the eggs. 

The water was so shallow that the backs of the larger brown were out of the water, dorsal fins flapping to their sides. I waited until I saw the spawning male chase the interlopers from the redd. I hit the record button and slipped 3 GoPro cameras into the water at various angles near the redd. The female was unfazed. I rolled away from the water’s edge and waited. The spawning male returned with his antagonizers a few feet back.

The water quaked as the female trout swept the redd and moved into the depression. I can’t see them from my low angle, but the babbling creek betrays their location. I watch quietly. Fed up with the bachelors, the big male chases after his completion, and they all streak downstream. This is my cue to leave. 

I returned hours later, and the stream was still. Without stepping into the water, I reach and retrieve the cameras. I cannot wait to see. Did I capture anything? Did I position the cameras correctly? What will it look like underwater?

Looking back on that day, I didn’t know an obsession was beginning. Fly fishing was a huge part of my life. It had been my business, occupation, and passion on days off. 

Turning the Passion Into Business (Again…)

I make my images available as wall art, cool trout merch, and digital downloads. My images are available for magazines, product packaging, cool murals, and for learning. So please support the arts and my underwater obsession by purchasing trout merch or wall art for yourself or your trout-loving friends.

Ring me up to chat about a project for your business or publication. The images can be reproduced large as wall art or murals or they look great illustrating a story or product. 

Thanks for your support! – Lisa

The Fish Creeper #fishcreeper Lisa Savard

About This Photo

For those of you about to cry Photoshop Fowl on this selfie, I want to explain. The photo is real; and yet photoshopped at the same time. 

I placed the camera in still water, where I knew the fish were. I posed for the first photo and then left. The camera kept clicking photos every 5 seconds for an hour. I layered 4 photos over the photo of myself. I’m real; the trout in this location are real – we’re just not here at the same time, lol. 

You’ll notice my cool blue legs. It’s May, and the ice has not yet gone out. It’s 40 degrees. I hate wearing waders. I am sure you can relate.

A fish creeper needs a cool photo, right? So here it is!

Fish Creeper in Camo

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