Charlie Special

A Salmonfly Pattern for Rivers in Montana

Crazy Charlie Fly Pattern

The Crazy Charlie salmonfly fly pattern is one of the best flies for fishing the salmonfly hatch in western Montana. This fly pattern is relatively easy to tie. According to John Staats, who runs the Rock Creek Fisherman’s Mercantile near Rock Creek, guides and clients purchase this fly by the fistful. 

Pattern for the Salmon Fly Hatch

In late May, June, or even early July, Salmonflies hatch in western rivers. Anglers enjoy fishing the salmonfly hatch as the patterns are large and easy to see. Trout love eating these big bugs. 

Salmonflies are poor flyers. They are clumsy and are often knocked into the water where trout lie in wait for a juicy meal.

The hatch usually occurs during high water as the snow melts from the mountain peaks.

Fishing the Hatch

To fish the salmonfly hatch, the recommended approach is by boat or raft. This way you can cover the most water and be able to cast toward the banks where the giant stonefly hatches.

Crazy Charlie Fly Recipe

We used pre-cut foam bodies for this demonstration. You can purchase pre-cut bodies or cut your own.

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