Brook Trout Spawn – 2020

We are so blessed to live so close to nature and be able to observe the circle of life above and below water. Watching these brook trout, in their struggle to spawn and support their mate, gives us a greater appreciation for each one we cast a fly to. The precious lives they work so hard to create bring so much pleasure to us as anglers.

As they pass on their gift of life to all (anglers, eagles, osprey, and other predators), we too should pass on our passion and appreciation of trout to our next generation.

Observing Trout Behavior

Male brook trout are aggressive during the spawn. They bite, chase, and push other males away from their female and their redd. Females too, are protective of the nest and will chase away other females.

Our cameras are usually met with a casual curiosity by both males and females – lucky for us.

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