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Welcome to Fly Fishing Waters. Here we, along with talented outdoor writers, share our experiences at some of the world’s best fly fishing destinations. Sharing tips, videos, and photos, this site is meant to be a travel guide and resource for fly fishing travel planning.

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Browns Lake

Browns Lake I had heard the stories and seen the photographs of the enormous Browns Lake rainbow trout caught just after ice-out so I was especially excited for our outing in late April. Heading [...]

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Upper Green River

Upper Green River Near Pinedale, Wyoming Dropping down off the Hoback Rim and into the high desert vastness of Wyoming does not go unnoticed. We left the Snake River Valley just south of Jackson Hole at Hoback Junction. We [...]

Georgetown Lake

Fly Fishing Georgetown Lake For years before we moved to Montana, our friends, John and Kurt Herzer, would rave about the huge rainbows to be caught in Georgetown Lake near Philipsburg. "If you guys come out in the summer, [...]

Silver Creek

Fly Fishing Silver Creek in Idaho Sometimes we do get lucky... In May of 2018, we set out for adventures to new places, new waters. Runoff was in full swing in our home waters of Montana so time to [...]

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Crazed with fly fishing. That describes us. We met at a fly shop. We became a couple on a fly fishing trip to New Brunswick. We owned a fly fishing lodge in New Hampshire. We bought a second home on a blue ribbon trout stream in Western Montana. Now we live in a camper all spring-summer-fall near the best places to fish in the West. That kind of crazed.

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