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Fly Fishing Waters

Welcome to Fly Fishing Waters. Here we, along with talented outdoor writers, share our experiences at some of the world’s best fly fishing destinations. Sharing tips, videos, and photos, this site is meant to be a travel guide and resource for fly fishing travel planning.

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Fishing Trips of 2020

Fly Fishing Trips of 2020 A Look in the Rearview Mirror 2020 started with excitement. Fishing trips were planned and this was the year to truly launch our pet project, Fly Fishing Waters. In [...]

Brook Trout Underwater

Brook Trout Underwater Video Filmed During the Spawn Watch brook trout underwater with calming music as they swim. Watch the mating rituals of brook trout in a Montana lake in early [...]

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The Road Into The Winds

The Road Into the Winds When your mind wanders and returns to that place, that place where the fishing was so good, that place where no one was around, that place where it was just you and the trout, [...]

West Fork Bitterroot River

The West Fork of the Bitterroot River It was on the suggestion of a friend years ago that we first fished the West Fork of the Bitterroot near Darby, Montana. On that mid-July day, as I played yet another [...]

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Crazed with fly fishing. That describes us. We met at a fly shop. We became a couple on a fly fishing trip to New Brunswick. We owned a fly fishing lodge in New Hampshire. We bought a second home on a blue ribbon trout stream in Western Montana. Now we live in a camper all spring-summer-fall near the best places to fish in the West. That kind of crazed.

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